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Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight – Free 03/01/14

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Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight


Everyone knows that “Eating Less and Exercising More” is the only way to lose weight. The only problem is, that for 95% of people who diet and exercise, this strategy fails miserably. That’s because the cause of overweight is not eating: that’s only the symptom. Dieting to lose weight is like removing the glowing “check engine light” in your car, instead of investigating what’s wrong with the motor.

What IF…. The entire concept of dieting is flawed? Being over-weight is just a symptom of a different problem, that you alone can reverse!

Why is it your friend can eat all she wants – cake, ice-cream, chocolate, carbs and the rest of …

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Kindle Freebies – 03/01/14

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Kindle Freebies Today

Paleo Red Meat Recipes

The Paleo Diet Power Series

Paleo Bread Recipes

Paleo Breakfast Recipes

The Definitive Way to go Gluten Free

Mouth Watering Paleo Desserts

The 7-Day Caveman (Paleo) Kick-Start Diet Plan

22 Delicious Paleo Dessert Recipes for Women

22 Paleo Crockpot Recipes for Cross-fitters

30 Paleo Dessert Recipes

30 Paleo Bread Recipes

31 Proven Ways To Spend Way Less Money On A Paleo Diet

25 More Kickass Paleo Beef Slow Cooker Meals

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Paleo Sleep Book

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Brain waves must slow down in order for the brain to prepare to go to sleep, but because of our anti-sleep lifestyle, which includes artificial light, dietary stimulants and numerous brain-stimulating digital devices, the brain really struggles to calm down into low brain activity.

This is basically the primary cause of a bad night’s sleep – having an overactive brain at bedtime.

Consider how important diet is for repairing the body, warding off illness, preventing fatigue, and promoting longevity. These are just some of the reasons you went Paleo in the first place, right?

Well, skimping on sleep has just as many serious health implications as eating a diet laden with processed sugars, dairy and gluten.

Read more >>>>

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Kindle Books On Sale – Kickass Series

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Kindle Books On Sale

(freebie) 25 More Kickass Paleo Beef Slow Cooker Meals

25 Kickass Paleo Appetizers and Snacks

Kickass Paleo Soups & Stews

25 Kickass Paleo Desserts

Sugar Detox Guide

Natural Homemade Cleaners

The Ultimate Kickass Paleo Cookbook

25 More Kickass Paleo Chicken Slow Cooker Meals

25 Kickass Paleo Beef Slow Cooker Meals

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Why Should I Eat Organic Foods?

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Why Should I Eat Organic Foods?


I recently heard that MOST of the foods options we have today are potentially harmful – that they genetically modified and filled with pesticides, chemicals, and lack the nutrients our bodies need. Then, I heard organic food is the ONLY way to go if you want to be healthy!

To be completely honest, 6 months ago I didn’t know anything about organic food, so I decided to go on a quest to find out what it is, what foods ARE healthy to eat, and why I should eat organic foods. In this process, I learned that most people DO NOT know what organic food is or WHY they should eat it. And I was …

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The 30-Day Caveman (Paleo) Breakfast Recipe Cookbook

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The 30-Day Caveman (Paleo) Breakfast Recipe Cookbook


The 30-Day Caveman (Paleo) Breakfast Recipe Cookbook >>> Have you been curious about the Paleo lifestyle, but aren’t sure where to start? I have compiled 30 breakfast recipes to help you get a kick start on a 30 day challenge to a new you. All my recipes are from my one-year journey on the caveman diet and are the most tastiest, simplest recipes that even a caveman can do it! Follow the recipes and guidelines and you will be amazed at the difference you will see in one month. Not only will you have recipes, but you will learn about:

-Staple foods you should be eating everyday

-Spices and Herbs


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The Primal Dessert Chef – Kindle Freebie Today

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The Primal Dessert Chef >>>>

The Primal Dessert Chef Jam packed with over 100 mouth-watering Paleo friendly dessert recipes!

Featuring an active table of contents, view your favourite recipes in seconds

BONUS content – Paleo recipes and guide upon redemption

Let me ask you a few quick questions…

Are you struggling to find easy to follow Paleo recipes?
Do you wish you had access to a plethora of Paleo dessert recipes in one simple book?
Are you sick of the same boring low carbohydrate recipes?
Do you wish you could eat nutritious, delicious Paleo friendly dessert recipes?

If you answered yes to any of the above then The Primal Dessert Chef is a must read.

10,000 years ago during the era of the Paleo …

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Instant Paleo – Kindle Freebie Today

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Instant Paleo >>>>


Ever found it hard to keep your Paleo diet?

Paleo diet is usually associated with a lot of cooked meals and lots of preparation before you can sit down and just eat. This can be challenging at times, as all you really want is to grab a quick bite and be on your way to doing something else, or being somewhere else.

Well, if you ever had this problem, look no further!

In “Instant Paleo” we give you the solution. 101 solutions, to be exact.

This carefully selected collection of 101 recipes is all Paleo friendly small meals, and snacks you can prepare literally in a few minutes, and be on your way.

And the most important part:


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Paleo Smoothies for Sugar Cravings – Kindle Freebie today

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Paleo Smoothies for Sugar Cravings

“The author M.T. Susan has taken Paleo lifestyle and eating to another level with this perfect Paleo book of 50 smoothie recipes. Not only for persons who are eating healthy, but this book is also perfect for those who are looking to drop some pounds and get that desired look. No need to be running around, this book of 50 Paleo Smoothie Recipes has it all.”

Includes Nutrition Fact and Photos

If you are on a diet then you know that a glass of smoothie everyday can serve as the best nutritional source and the best part about smoothies is that they are really easy to make. All you need to do is gather the ingredients and blend …

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