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How to build REAL muscle with bodyweight exercises

Looking to gain some serious mass but don’t want to tax your joints with heavy weights?

If so, you aren’t alone.

Especially as you get older – or stronger, you need to be more mindful of your joints.

Walk into any gym and you’re bound to see at least one guy in there suffering from serious shoulder, knee, or elbow pain that is restricting him from seeing the full results he could be from his workout session.

Bodyweight training gets you around this.

Since you don’t have an excess weight load on the body, you don’t have the pain – it’s that simple.

In order for bodyweight training to be effective for building muscle however, you need to apply three laws.

Here’s what to do.

1. Use A Workout Split

First, avoid the full body approach. While this earns top marks for fat burning, it doesn’t for muscle building. If you’re aiming to hit a muscle group three days per week, you can rest assured of one thing, you won’t be working with the intensity to build lean mass by doing so.

You simply wouldn’t recover in a day if you did.

Therefore, a split is best. Devote a day to legs, a day to back, a day to chest, and a day to shoulders.

2. Add Progressive Overload

Next, you must, must, must add overload. This is the biggest mistake people make. If you don’t keep challenging your muscles, how do you expect them to get stronger?

They simply won’t need to.

You need to overload the muscles as that is what creates the micro-damage that causes growth.

If you aren’t sure how to overload them check out how these masters have done it:

== > How to overload the muscle with bodyweight exercises

3. Do Multiple Sets

Finally make sure you’re doing multiple sets. This is critical. You need sufficient volume in order to get the muscles to hypertrophy, which means you’re getting bigger.

One set doesn’t cut it when mass gains are the goal.

With the right bodyweight training, you can use a lower rep range and perform multiple sets just like you would in the gym, all while protecting your joints.

== > Discover how to build muscle with bodyweight training the right way

Give your body a break from heavy weights. You will be amazed at how quickly you can build serious mass using just bodyweight exercises… all without the strain on the joints.

It’ll get you larger in no time.

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