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Why Should I Eat Organic Foods?

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Why Should I Eat Organic Foods?


I recently heard that MOST of the foods options we have today are potentially harmful – that they genetically modified and filled with pesticides, chemicals, and lack the nutrients our bodies need. Then, I heard organic food is the ONLY way to go if you want to be healthy!

To be completely honest, 6 months ago I didn’t know anything about organic food, so I decided to go on a quest to find out what it is, what foods ARE healthy to eat, and why I should eat organic foods. In this process, I learned that most people DO NOT know what organic food is or WHY they should eat it. And I was …

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The 30-Day Caveman (Paleo) Breakfast Recipe Cookbook

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The 30-Day Caveman (Paleo) Breakfast Recipe Cookbook


The 30-Day Caveman (Paleo) Breakfast Recipe Cookbook >>> Have you been curious about the Paleo lifestyle, but aren’t sure where to start? I have compiled 30 breakfast recipes to help you get a kick start on a 30 day challenge to a new you. All my recipes are from my one-year journey on the caveman diet and are the most tastiest, simplest recipes that even a caveman can do it! Follow the recipes and guidelines and you will be amazed at the difference you will see in one month. Not only will you have recipes, but you will learn about:

-Staple foods you should be eating everyday

-Spices and Herbs


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The Primal Dessert Chef – Kindle Freebie Today

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The Primal Dessert Chef >>>>

The Primal Dessert Chef Jam packed with over 100 mouth-watering Paleo friendly dessert recipes!

Featuring an active table of contents, view your favourite recipes in seconds

BONUS content – Paleo recipes and guide upon redemption

Let me ask you a few quick questions…

Are you struggling to find easy to follow Paleo recipes?
Do you wish you had access to a plethora of Paleo dessert recipes in one simple book?
Are you sick of the same boring low carbohydrate recipes?
Do you wish you could eat nutritious, delicious Paleo friendly dessert recipes?

If you answered yes to any of the above then The Primal Dessert Chef is a must read.

10,000 years ago during the era of the Paleo …

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Instant Paleo – Kindle Freebie Today

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Instant Paleo >>>>


Ever found it hard to keep your Paleo diet?

Paleo diet is usually associated with a lot of cooked meals and lots of preparation before you can sit down and just eat. This can be challenging at times, as all you really want is to grab a quick bite and be on your way to doing something else, or being somewhere else.

Well, if you ever had this problem, look no further!

In “Instant Paleo” we give you the solution. 101 solutions, to be exact.

This carefully selected collection of 101 recipes is all Paleo friendly small meals, and snacks you can prepare literally in a few minutes, and be on your way.

And the most important part:


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Paleo Smoothies for Sugar Cravings – Kindle Freebie today

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Paleo Smoothies for Sugar Cravings

“The author M.T. Susan has taken Paleo lifestyle and eating to another level with this perfect Paleo book of 50 smoothie recipes. Not only for persons who are eating healthy, but this book is also perfect for those who are looking to drop some pounds and get that desired look. No need to be running around, this book of 50 Paleo Smoothie Recipes has it all.”

Includes Nutrition Fact and Photos

If you are on a diet then you know that a glass of smoothie everyday can serve as the best nutritional source and the best part about smoothies is that they are really easy to make. All you need to do is gather the ingredients and blend …

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Mouth Watering Paleo Desserts

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Do you feel like the circus ring master juggling a job, children and household responsibilities? Could you do with a few extra hours in the day to get things done? Do you wish you had a little tank labelled “ENERGY” that you could use to top up your levels throughout the day? Are you riddled with guilt because you just don’t have enough time to prepare hearty meals and tasty desserts for your family? If you answered yes to these questions, then this is the book for you!

Harassed moms of the world unite!! I am about to hand you the tool to “de-guilt” one area of your life!

When we bring our little people into the world and our cozy twosome …

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Kindle Freebie Today – Bodacious Bacon

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From Maple Bacon Ice Cream to a Squash and Bacon Frittata, this wonderful selection of recipes has a variety of options that are certain to pique any bacon-lover’s interest. Along with the recipe collection, this book includes an introduction, a “What is the Paleo Diet?” informative section, and a sound conclusion. This book is perfect for Paleo beginners or old-timers who have an affinity for bacon.

Bodacious Bacon >>>>

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The Prescription Coffee Mug

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A great gift for coffee lovers, and coffee addicts. This hilarious ceramic coffee mug looks like a prescription medicine bottle, and the label is filled with hilarious puns about coffee.

The Prescription Coffee Mug>>>>

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Monday Mug

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Monday morning is hard to swallow. Whet your appetite with the Monday Mug, a playful porcelain coffee cup that actually perks up as you do. Simply pour in hot coffee or tea and watch the glum face transform into a happy one, ready to tackle the week ahead. Part of the The Cottage Industryâ€TMs thermochromic collection, this clever cup mimics the uplifting effect of the beverage within.

Monday Mug >>>>>

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A Handy Bookmark

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FingerPrint A Handy Bookmark

Are your books all tatty with dog ears? Do you still lose your place when you nod off in the middle of a sentence? Just snap FingerPrint right around your book and point it to the last word you read. It stretches to fit any size book from “Dick and Jane” to “War and Peace”. Use it as a handy book strap too. In Green, Blue-Gray, and Orange assorted, FingerPrint is molded from durable silicone rubber, and packed on a billboard card inside a peggable clear headerbag.

More Information >>>>

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The Paleo Athlete Meal Plan – Kindle Freebie 02/03/14

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The Paleo Athlete Meal Plan: 28+ Quick & Easy, High Protein Meals For Building Muscle And Staying Lean! 

If you are looking for an ebook that will help you take advantage of the features of the Paleo diet to help you become a better “everyday athlete”, then this is the ebook for you.

Here’s what you can expect from this extensive ebook guide to the Paleo diet and all its high-protein benefits:

•A concise but informative discussion on the basis of the Paleo diet as explained by the Paleo found Dr. Loren Cordain.

•An informative guide on how the Paleo diet can help you build muscle and improve your performance as an athlete.

•A meal plan consisting of 30 great Paleo recipes that you …

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Go Primal With Paleo

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Go Primal With Paleo: The First Human Diet

Kindle Freebie 02/02/14

Lose Weight, Fight Disease & Eat Yourself Lean – The Paleo Way!

Strong, lean cavemen didn’t need a diet! But then again, they weren’t faced with and surrounded by mostly ‘on demand’ processed foods, as we are today. They were hunter – gatherers.

Paleo, the first human diet was designed by nature to help us fight off disease, stay healthy and have a lean body.

Why we get fat…

Imagine a world where we don’t get fat. We were genetically designed to eat certain foods. For too long we’ve broken the original design with starchy processed foods. But that’s about to change – now we can learn to eat ourselves lean by following …

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