Drug Screening During Pregnancy And Birth

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“Drug screening sometimes happens at prenatal visits and sometimes happens during routine blood draws following the birth. Most often, low-income women and women on state funded assistance are targeted. Sometimes women are informed about the testing; most often they are not.” ~ Birthanarchy.com

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“I was surprised after the birth of my daughter when the nurse came in with an adhesive bag to place over her vaginal area in order to collect urine for a drug test. I had never heard about this test, and asked if it was common practice. She replied that my midwife had specifically ordered the test for me. I tried to refuse and the nurse and a hospital social worker came in to inform me that if I refused, social services would be contacted and my daughter would not be released with me from the hospital. I relented, they collected the sample, performed the test, and of course, it was negative. I’m a birth doula now, and have been for over a decade. I often think on this experience, and wonder why exactly my midwife had done that to me. I think it was likely prejudice- I was a young, single, tattooed and pierced mother who was receiving DSHS (medicaid). Her assumption was that I was a drug addict because of my appearance, relationship, and socio-economic status. Im still mad about it.” – M., USA

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