Kindle Freebie 05/02/14

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Raw Cacao For Better Health: The Ultimate Guide For Using Raw Cacao To Lose Weight And Improve Health [Kindle Edition]

 Have you been trying to improve your heath but you don’t know where to start? 

Do you want to learn more about an awesome way to improve your heath that is relatively unknown but highly effective? 

Most people in the world enjoy eating chocolate. However, a vast majority don’t exactly know where they come from. When it comes to chocolate there are two different terms that are the same yet so different in meaning; cacao and cocoa. As you have noticed the difference between the two is one letter. So the question is, do they have different meaning or is it just a spelling mistake? Well the two have are different in both definition and functionality. Cacao is the main ingredient that makes chocolate and the major provider of the health benefits that are associated with chocolate. It is the raw unsweetened form of chocolate that is found in the cacao fruits. Cocoa on the other hand, is the heated and processed cacao. 

What you’ll learn inside:

– What raw cacao is 
– The health benefits of raw cacao 
– How to successfully implement it into your diet 
– And Much, much more!


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Kindle Freebie 05/02/14

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