Kindle Freebies 05/17/14

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Kindle Freebies 05/17/14

If you see a Kindle Freebie that you want then get it as soon as you can. Prices often change and it’s difficult to tell how long the book will remain free. Before downloading a Kindle Freebie verify that the book is still free by making sure the price is $0.00

Kindle Freebie Spotlight

Fabulous Coconut Oil Claims for Hair, Skin, Health [Kindle Edition]


Fabulous Coconut Oil Claims are being made my numerous users worldwide who claim that Coconut Oil it is good for their hair, skin, health and for many other purposes.

Are these fabulous coconut oil claims true? Are cocount oil cures true? Is there such a thing as a coconut oil miracle?

Although there hasn’t been much scientific research on the benefits of coconut oil it’s hard to imagine that so many people making claims could be wrong. 

There are so many Coconut oil uses and this book will list ways it is being used in the following areas:
– Hair and Scalp
– Skin and Beauty
– Baby Care and Pregnancy
– Health
– Hygiene
– Other Odd Uses

In Fabulous Coconut Oil Claims you’ll also learn:
– About Coconut Oil
– Is Coconut Oil Safe
– Which Coconut Oil is Better


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