Make Your Own Almond Milk

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Leave STORE BOUGHT almond milk on the shelf in the store

Make Your Own Almond Milk

Make Your Own Almond Milk

To make your own start with ONE cup of RAW almonds

SOAK almonds overnight in water

DRAIN almonds BLEND almonds with 4 cups of water for two minutes

ADD vanilla extact or dates to sweeten (optional)

Pour into NUT MILK BAG or layered cheesecloth Enjoy

Fresh made almond milk lasts 3-4 days Keep in the fridge

Dehydrate the remaining almond pulp and use in a recipe in place of almond flour.

I love this infographic, but I would not use Agave as a sweetener. Please click to see why >>

Below is a handy video about making Almond Milk

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Not Milk -- Nut Milks

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